Meet Reagan Slutsky

The 7-year-old entrepreneur, creative and philanthropist is building a thriving jewelry business, with a mission to help children in need.

Reagan Slutsky, who, at the age of 7, is already an entrepreneur, a creative and a philanthropist.

Her business

Bracelets by Reagan, a company she founded (with help from her mom, Dori Nelson, who calls herself the “unpaid intern”) back in October of 2020. The product line includes both hand-beaded bracelets and decorative chains to keep face masks around your neck when not on your face. Each one is a custom, made-to-order piece, and Reagan is happy to offer her creative input. Typically, a brief description of the recipient — their passions and favorite colors — is enough to get her designing the piece in her head.

“She always talked about wanting to have her own business. In October, she said, ‘Can I do it?’ I said, ‘Let's brainstorm some ideas and think about what you want to sell and who you want to target,’” Dori said. “She got a little journal, and we started chatting it through. Then, we set up an Instagram account and sent it out to all our friends. We got an order right away.”

Spend a little, save a little, give a little

From the beginning, the goal for Bracelets by Reagan was to help Reagan learn to spend a little, save a little and give a little. Most of her earnings go into her savings account. Every so often, they pick out a small treat at Target. And then, for every $500 Reagan earns, she donates 20% to help children who are patients at Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital.

To date, she’s earned enough to make five donations.

“My mom told me a lot of businesses donate some of their money to places where they need the money to make animals or people better, and right when she finished, I said, ‘I want to give to the children's hospital,’” Reagan said. “I want people to feel better and for them to get medicine for them to feel better so they don't have to be in the hospital anymore.”

Bracelets by Reagan isn’t the first time Reagan has given to those in need. In May of 2020, she cut off 9 inches of her hair for donation.

“We talk a lot about how fortunate we are and how grateful we should be. We don't have everything in the world, but we have everything we need, and I think it’s so important to be able to give back to the community and to share,” Dori said. “I felt like this business was a really good opportunity to instill good characteristics and knowledge at such a young age that can flow into different aspects of her life — and inspire her little brother, who adores every inch of her.”

The future of Bracelets by Reagan

It’s been less than a year since Reagan launched Bracelets by Reagan, and, on any given day, a steady stream of cars will pull up to her house to pick up the handcrafted creations from a small box on her front porch. Eventually, Reagan said, she wants her creations to be available in stores.

“I just want this business to get bigger and bigger,” Reagan said.

She’s already learning success comes with hard work and sacrifice. If she wants to come home and play but there are orders to fill, the orders come first, Dori said. If she has a creative vision but the customer wants something different, the customer is always right.

“It’s admirable, and I’m super proud of her. It’s been a super fun experience for the two of us together. She’s incredibly creative, and she comes up with these great patterns,” Dori said. “She’s 7 now, but newly 7. She really started it when she was six and a half. It’s all very cool.”

You can support Reagan in her fundraising by buying a bracelet. She is currently taking orders via her Instagram account, and for every $500 she earns, she contributes 20% to help patients at Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital. Each purchase empowers a young entrepreneur and contributes to the health and well-being of children across our community.

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