Compassionate Cancer Care.

We are deeply inspired by the resilience of survivors, and dedicate our growth, innovation, and services to honoring their strength and courage during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Agnes B. & Edward I. Weisiger Endowed Chair

Novant Health Cancer Institute

“To the donors that made this possible, I have a very important message for you: you gave me positivity, you gave us light, you gave us ease of access, and that’s a message of hope.”

Novant Health Patient

Stories that Inspire

Through their inspiring narratives, we shed light on the strength and resilience that fuels our commitment to providing exceptional care and fostering a community of support in the fight against cancer.

Sara Robinson

As a certified healthcare architect, Sara Robinson is an expert in the many ways structural and interior design can work together in medical environments to improve the patient experience as well as the operational needs of healthcare providers.

Breast cancer patient grateful for navigator who was at her side

Karen Adams is thankful for the empowerment she gained from having cancer. Today, she’s helping other women fight their battles

A 10-year-old girl takes on cancer: ‘You just gotta do it.’

Family foundation pays it forward with a $500,000 gift to Hemby Children’s Hospital.

She’s a volunteer. A cancer patient. And a friend.

A cancer survivor currently in treatment, Schaefer is one of 1,200 volunteers across the Novant Health system who do their best to make each patient’s morning, noon and night as beautiful as it can be.