Research and Education

Clinical trials are part of medical research, and they are at the heart of all medical advances. We use this method of research to find new ways to present, detect or treat diseases.

Our research may be used to study new drugs or new drug combinations, new ways to use existing treatments or new surgical procedures or devices. The research conducted at Novant Health enables us to serve our community with innovative treatments and progressive healthcare before it is widely available. By participating in one of our clinical research studies, you are ultimately helping us pave the path for the medicine of tomorrow.

Why participate in clinical research?

With your help, our carefully conducted investigations could help our researchers offer hope for many people. In return you could gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and receive regular and careful medical attention from our research team, which is made up of doctors and other health professionals.

Since our clinical trials are often designed to test the effectiveness and safety of new treatments, benefits cannot be guaranteed. Some trials may involve risks, just as routine medical care and activities of daily living. We make sure to clearly and carefully explain the risks and benefits of all of our clinical trials so you are informed to make your own decision.

Did you know…
  • Novant Health provides quality healthcare services and maintains the foundation that supports continuing medical education (CME).
  • The Novant Health Office of Continuing Medical Education (NHOCME) offers high-quality and balanced educational activities that enable healthcare professionals, primarily physicians, to advance the provision of quality patient care and best practice standards.
  • Novant Health is accredited by the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) to provide CME for physicians.
Donations support many programs and initiatives including:
  • Scholarship funds for nursing create opportunities for motivated team members to achieve higher degrees of proficiency. These funds promote educational advancement and ensure that Novant Health has the most qualified team members to care for our patients.
  • Maintaining clinical excellence through increasing expertise, adhering to evidenced-based practices, and exceeding national benchmarks.

Give now to support research and education at Novant Health or select a fund based on your interests. With your donation to this important cause, a Novant Health foundation is able to support Novant Health in its mission to bring quality healthcare to our community.