Stroke and Neurosciences

The letters in the word FAST can help you remember the warning signs of a stroke and what to do:

F – Facial paralysis

A – Arm weakness

S – Speech difficulties

T – Time to call 911

Walking, breathing and even smiling are all possible because of your brain and nervous system. Serious conditions such as brain tumors and brain aneurysms, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), migraines, strokes, spine tumors, back and neck pain and concussions can make normal day-to-day functions challenging.

Our foundations support Novant Health in providing exceptional care for these disorders and to keep you living fully. We empower and connect donors to programs and initiatives that save lives and improve the health of our communities, one person at a time.

Did you know…
  • Our stroke prevention and care programs are nationally recognized.
  • We have five advanced comprehensive and certified primary stroke centers that are nationally recognized by The Joint Commission for innovative procedures, advanced technology and adherence to strict treatment guidelines.
  • Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center is an advanced comprehensive stroke center that has been recognized by the American Heart Association with the Gold Plus Quality award and the Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite Plus award.
  • Our board-certified neurologists and neurosurgeons offer advanced care for improving or protecting the workings of the brain.

With your donation to this important cause, a Novant Health foundation is able to support Novant Health in its mission to bring quality healthcare to our community. Give now to support stroke and neurosciences at Novant Health where we are dedicated to providing the region’s best services for diagnosing and treating strokes for people of all ages.