Upward Mobility Scholarship Program Provides Support for Nurses in Training

Novant Health - Touch Point November from Kimberly Ramirez on Vimeo.

The Upward Mobility Scholarship provides a pathway, from our Certified Nursing Assistant level employees to an RN, to meet our staffing needs and to invest in our most valuable asset: Our people.

Our Upward Mobility Scholarship Program provides full tuition and books, a nurse mentor and 12 hours of paid time off per week to be able to invest in themselves getting their RN.

By investing in our staff, we are keeping valuable payroll here in Rowan County, which not only helps us retain top talent, but is also an economic driver for Rowan County.

Please join us in moving forward the mission of the Rowan Medical Center Foundation, in saving lives and improving the health of our community.

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