When giving a little turns into sharing a lot

Tansukh and Sarla along with their adult son, Rajesh, consider their good fortune a gift to share with others. For the last nine years, the three family members have worked out a plan to donate roughly two-thirds of their assets to worthy causes, of which Novant Health is honored to be part.

It was originally Rajesh’s suggestion that they give so others can benefit. “We have more than enough to live on for the rest of our lives,” he explained. “Why don’t we give it away to charities?”

The Ganatras agree on their giving priorities. Improving the lives of those in need and supporting education and healthcare initiatives get their first attention. Random acts of kindness are also part of their charitable repertoire. They have been known to pick up medical bills for patients who could not afford them as well as to pay tuition for the training and education for young adults who needed a little career help. “It’s the right thing for us to do,” said Tansukh.

For their healthcare, the Ganatras have gravitated to Novant Health providers. “All of us have been impressed with everyone on the care team,” said Tansukh, who can personally attest to Novant Health’s remarkable patient experience. Tansukh suffered a heart attack and was not expected to live. After he recuperated at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center, he became a model patient, adjusting his diet and faithfully participating in cardiac rehabilitation three times a week.

In many ways, the Ganatra family has lived the American dream, though their story started in Africa, where Tansukh and Sarla, both of Indian ancestry, were raised. He grew up in Uganda while she was nearby in Kenya, and the two met during their college years at the University of Nairobi. Once married, they immigrated to America in 1969 and arrived with two suitcases, two Xerox boxes and $647 in their pocket. “It was everything we owned,” said Sarla.

The couple made their way to New York, where both landed jobs with Rochester Telephone. This also launched Tansukh’s successful career in telecommunications and digital networks. He is a detail-oriented person adept at seeing the big picture. It is this characteristic that allowed him to join a company, study the dynamics and then guide the company to tremendous growth.

Not fans of Rochester’s long hard winters, the Ganatras happily relocated in 1991 to Charlotte, where Tansukh was a co-founder and CEO of the US LEC, a telecommunications company.

Now they feel it is time to share their good fortune and passion with others. “We do little things for people,” said Tansukh. Their simple plan is destined to leave a great impact for many.

“The Ganatras are passionate about improving the lives of those in need in their community and supporting education and healthcare initiatives at Novant Health.”

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