Stories of Remarkable Care

Brittney Weems

Headshot of Brittney Weems smiling

When Brittney Weems moved from Alabama to Winston-Salem at the age of 23, she was completely on her own, unsure of just about everything and excited to be changing the direction of her life. “I was leaving behind a very difficult past and ready to build a positive future for myself,” she said. “I’d never heard the phrase ‘upward mobility’ before, but I was praying for exactly that!”

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Family comes first

Aaron Condon: Why men’s health matters as a father

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‘I went in for that mammogram, and I knew right away that something was up.’

Eight years ago, Susan Pfefferkorn went in for a routine mammogram at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. Susan was no stranger to breast cancer. She’d lost a college friend to the disease back in the 1980s, and her mother had been diagnosed post-menopause. As a result, Susan had always been proactive.

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A Path to Resiliency

Thompson had a mammogram the previous December. She’d kept up with regular, at-home breast exams. She had lost two aunts to breast cancer. A mother of three, she knew she had to be proactive, so she was.

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Celebrating 10 years of community care

Nursing is a calling for Julie Schaefer. It always has been.

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Volunteering for front-line duty

“Every vaccine we give is a hope for a future — a future we want to ensure more people can share with their loved ones and friends.” — Angel Barber

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Destined to lead

Behind every doctor and nurse at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center stands a wide variety of dedicated team members behind the scenes, doing everything from preparing meals to performing ministry.

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Nurse in chief

Nikki Nissen leads with gratitude and humility.

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Mel McMillan: ‘Music is like medicine’

Meet the nurse with a song in her heart.

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‘It always happened to someone else’

The first time Tammy Coulter was diagnosed with cancer, she had no signs or symptoms. A routine mammogram had turned up stage 0 ductal carcinoma — a cancer she couldn’t see or touch.

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Kernersville resident receives lifesaving heart surgery

In December 2020, Kernersville resident Joe Pinnix became the first Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center patient to be discharged the same afternoon after undergoing a minimally invasive valve replacement surgery.

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