New harness for Neuroscience Center makes patient recovery faster and safer

The Neuroscience Center of Excellence is home for our rehabilitation team members, who work with patients recovering from strokes, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations. The Vector Harness system, funded through generous donations and installed last December, allows patients to move more naturally when it comes to physical therapy. It is attached to a trolley on the ceiling, allowing it to support patients during their rehab. Patients feel more secure as they safely practice walking again. The harness catches them if they begin to fall.

The harness also provides computer-generated feedback, allowing the team to provide highly individualized care. Without the harness, multiple therapists would help each patient, increasing the risk of a fall and possible injury. This new system improves safety, boosting patient confidence and decreasing their fear.

“We’re the only center in the region to have a Vector Harness, and it puts us on par with centers all across the country,” said Cress Goodnight, outpatient rehab regional manager. “This system enables patients to do what therapists challenge them to do.”

About 200 patients have benefited from this innovative system since its installation.