How grants make a difference in our community


We received a $10,000 grant from Pfizer to provide mammograms and diagnostic imaging to members of our community. A mammogram, an X-ray of the breast, is the most reliable way to find breast cancer early when treatments are less invasive and survival rates are higher. While early detection and improvements in treatment have led to a decline in breast cancer mortality, not all women have benefited equally. For financial reasons, many women do not seek mammograms.

Grant funding from Pfizer enables our team to provide dozens of screening mammograms to underserved residents throughout Thomasville and Davidson County.

The Cannon Foundation

Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center Foundation received $150,000 from The Cannon Foundation to purchase a new stereotactic 3D breast biopsy system. In addition to The Cannon Foundation grant, the Novant Health Thomasville Medical Center Foundation committed $120,432 to purchase the $270,432 system. The system has enabled our team to offer a full schedule of biopsy procedures at the Thomasville Medical Center Breast Care Center.

Thomasville Medical Center began offering 3D mammograms in 2018. Despite adding a second 3D machine later in the year, high patient demand forced hospital staff to refer patients to other facilities for biopsy services. This created transportation challenges for some patients and prolonged the process and associated stress patients sometimes experience while waiting for biopsy results. Having an on-site stereotactic 3D breast biopsy system will accelerate biopsy procedures and results while generating high-quality images in seconds.

“We are grateful to The Cannon Foundation for enabling Novant Health staff to provide remarkable health care to everyone we serve with this advanced biopsy system,” said Ann Caulkins, president of the Novant Health Foundations. “The Cannon Foundation staff and board of directors consistently demonstrate exceptional compassion and engagement, and we are proud to partner with them in this effort “We are grateful to The Cannon Foundation for enabling Novant Health staff to provide remarkable healthcare.


Patient shuttle

The patient and visitor shuttle is a totally self-contained vehicle with manual windows and a solid weatherproof top. Long lasting, low-maintenance batteries keeps the shuttle running longer with little down time.


Surge Cart

Together with the administrative team, we provide healthful snacks and drinks for team members during particularly challenging shifts.


Postpartum Depression Grant

We dedicated $10,343 to ensure uninsured mothers receive postpartum depression screening and treatment at City Lake OBGYN.


Cardiac Rehab Grant

Some heart patients are uninsured or do not qualify for covered cardiac rehabilitation. With a $10,000 grant, our cardiac rehabilitation team will serve these patients and start them on the path toward a healthier life.