Family Connects nurtures happy moms and healthy babies in Forsyth and Davidson counties

October 24, 2019

The first six weeks postpartum can be difficult for mothers. It is not uncommon for the well-being of the mother to go unnoticed when their first concern is balancing all that caring for a newborn entails. Still, the mother’s well-being affects a newborn, as well as family dynamics as a whole.

Extending a hand at a time when mothers need support most helps promote quality care and comfort for all involved. These are the pillars in which Family Connects was founded upon. As one of Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center Foundation’s top fundraising priorities, Family Connects offers support to mothers during this important time, providing free in-home visits and health checks by a Novant Health registered nurse. The nurses can also extend connections to various community resources.

Mothers living in Forsyth or Davidson County are eligible to take advantage of this program, regardless of economic standing or family environment. Family Connects is a free service for patients who deliver at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center, designed to meet mothers where they are.

“Knowing that there’s somebody who’s completely judgement-free, who’s going to come help, why wouldn’t you want to support that?” Family Connects patient Rebekah McAverey said. “You have people coming in and making a difference for people who otherwise may not seek help.”

Few questions or topics are off limits in this program. From breastfeeding techniques and bonding tips to introductions into nearby playgroups and parent support groups, Family Connects is prepared to offer advice on all ends of the spectrum to help families like Rebekah’s thrive.

Nurse manager Brandy Whitaker oversees the special nurses performing routine checks on mother and baby, but her most important job is making sure mothers in the area are aware of the program.

“Family Connects’ goal is really to connect families with community resources that they may need,” Whitaker said. “A happy mom is better for a healthy baby, so we’re hitting all those needs early on.”

Since 2016, Family Connects has worked tirelessly to connect mothers with resources ranging from food pantries, exercise groups, and transportation to appointments. The program has completed over 5,000 home visits to date – but that number merely scratches the surface of families they plan to help.

To date, the ability to improve the health of our communities has been funded by grants from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust and The Duke Endowment. Moving forward, you can make a difference for the next generation by donating to this impactful program.

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