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How your generosity impacts Team Aubergine

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, team members at Novant Health sprang into action, adapting to sweeping policy changes and a vastly different environment in record time. They focused first and foremost on doing what they do best: saving lives.

At the same time, many of those team members had needs of their own. They were suddenly left without child care. Some were caring for high-risk family members and worried about the possibility of exposure. Others were suffering financial hardships, struggling to pay for rent and basic utilities. As the pandemic has gone on, those challenges have continued to impact team members across the Novant Health system.

Almost as quickly as Novant Health team members responded to the pandemic, our community rallied to support them. Novant Health Foundation quickly established the Hope for Remarkable Team Aubergine Fund (formerly the Novant Health COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund) to provide assistance for our team members. The fund also offered a way to get personal protective equipment and other critical supplies into the hands of healthcare workers across our network, as well as medical equipment such as ventilators, telemedicine devices and tablets to help patients stay connected to their loved ones. When there became a need for additional screening centers in underserved communities, funds also supported and helped accelerate this initiative.

The impact of those contributions has been profound.

“The Hope for Remarkable Team Aubergine Fund helped us rise to the challenges brought on by the pandemic,” said Ann Caulkins, senior vice president of Novant Health and president of Novant Health Foundation. “Not only have the communities we serve benefited greatly as a result, but we’ve been able to protect and support Novant Health team members as they demonstrate their selfless commitment and tireless efforts on the front lines.”

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“Without these generous contributions, we would not have been able to accomplish all we have so far, and we look forward to carrying on this important work,” Caulkins said.

We know there is more work to be done.

We will assess the needs of our community and our team members as the pandemic continues to impact our region and our world. And your support will be more important than ever before. We hope you will consider a contribution to the Hope for Remarkable Team Aubergine Fund today.

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