Spotlight on Northside Food Co-op

Wilmington’s Northside community has long been shut out of the economic growth enjoyed by other areas in the city. As a result of neighborhood conditions, residents living here have limited physical access to food. One major way this is evident: There is no grocery store in the community.

At Novant Health, we know there’s a direct connection between access to affordable and nutritious foods and overall health outcomes. That is why we led the movement to create the Northside Food Co-Op, an upcoming grocery store that is owned and operated by the community. A $15,000 gift from Novant Health created a farmers market in the area of the future store, and that market’s success has reinforced to the community that a permanent food source is on the way.

Today, the Northside Food Co-Op has city, county and donor support to build a new permanent store in the community. Novant Health Foundation also committed $200,000 to accelerate this project.

The goal is not only to bring healthy food options to an overlooked community but to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to removing economic and social obstacles and building a culture of health and wellness in our communities — moving us closer to achieving health equity.

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