Avery Hall

Avery Hall smiles when he talks about his happy childhood in the small town of Gainesville, Georgia, where his mother made the best of limited means while insisting her children develop the values and habits to be successful. “We lived in public housing, but life was good because we had faith in ourselves and compassion for others,” he said. “That’s how I approach my philanthropy today. I’m truly excited to be involved with Novant Health Foundation’s commitment to healthcare quality and access for all people.”

As a highly experienced commercial banking leader at Wells Fargo, Avery understands how and why money moves in a community. He maintains a realist’s perspective with an optimistic outlook, firmly believing that progress happens every day and actively working to involve more people in it. “Where you live affects your access to healthcare — and your health affects everything,” Avery said. “So it’s a big deal. Health is wealth. I love being an advocate for Novant Health and all they do for underserved communities. The foundation has a great story to tell. A lot of people don’t realize all that is happening.”

Serving as chair of the Novant Health Triad region board of trustees gives Avery an opportunity to speak his mind and make a difference on issues that are important to him. “When I learned about a Novant Health Today’s Clinic being built across from my church in Winston-Salem’s Boston-Thurmond neighborhood, I knew I had to get involved,” he said. “We’re talking about a neighborhood of mostly Black residents where there are proven healthcare disparities. I’ve been passionate about health equity for a long time. More access, education, nutrition — this is how you improve outcomes for all people. I’m fortunate to be able to give financially to this project. There are so many worthy programs that need support.”

Novant Health Today's Family clinics offer obstetrical, gynecological, pediatric and adult primary care to underserved communities in Winston-Salem's 27105 ZIP code, which is 58% African American, 19% Latino and 19% white. Residents here have the highest concentration of chronic disease in Forsyth County, including high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Novant Health Foundation is committed to empowering patients and bridging healthcare gaps, ensuring high-quality care is readily available to all people in all communities. Thanks to generous philanthropic investments like Avery Hall’s, Novant Health is better able to direct essential resources and focused care to address maternal and infant mortality disparities while providing holistic preventive care to families.

nurse Lauren Gibbs holds newborn

Supporting worthy programs is nothing new for Avery, who made his first gift through the foundation nearly a decade ago, followed by multiple gifts every year thereafter. His interests have been wide and far-reaching – from helping fund Novant Health mobile healthcare Community Care Cruisers to various health equity priorities — but he’s quick to say he looks for guidance when deciding where to give. “The important thing is to get involved with people you trust,” he said. “Novant Health is dedicated to serving all people in all of our communities and is constantly assessing what and where the most critical needs are.”

Inspired by his mother’s strong moral center, Avery doesn’t hesitate to offer a recipe for personal success. “Hard work, humility, empathy — that’ll take you a long way,” he said. “My life has absolutely benefited from being on the other side of philanthropy. Now is my chance to give back. The Novant Health Foundation has the passion and the process to make a difference in our communities. When you give, we all gain.”

When we talk about inequities in healthcare, we’re talking about the lives of real people in our community. Just as important as the medical care we provide are the support, compassion and patient-focused attention we give by identifying complex needs and responding with a holistic approach to healing — the missing piece in a lot of healthcare organizations. This is what foundation resources enable us to address. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to be on this journey with our patients and to care for them the way they need. Your support is why we’re able to make a difference.

Lauren Gibbs

RN, BSN, clinic administrator for Today’s Family Clinics and foundation donor