The Way Forward

blankWhere to start when you try to sum up 2021? I have struggled with this myself as I surveyed the past year and tried to comprehend the hardship, frustration and pain the pandemic unleashed on so many lives.

But after much thought, this is where I landed: Everyone came together.

Everyone came together to improve healthcare in our communities by focusing on the goal — not the relentless challenges — to make sure more people see the doctors they need and get the care they deserve. Our donors were more generous than ever before, enabling us to raise nearly $33 million. It was amazing. We watched our teams persevere through impossible times to provide incredible care for patients. Breathtaking. It was such a challenging year, but one we’ll look back on with gratitude for our donors, providers, foundation team and the communities we serve. Yes, it was remarkable.

In these pages we’ve seen testaments to the inspiring difference giving makes through the work of our foundation. We’ve witnessed the benefit of the generosity of Michael Jordan and other supporters of health equity through the story of the Spurgeon family and their experience at one of the Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinics. We have learned about the advances in clinical trials that were donor-funded and carried out by Frank Chen, MD, and his team. We’ve peered into virtual reality goggles to see how innovation is improving healthcare for the patients and providers. We’re celebrating the upward mobility scholarships to team members that enable them to better their lives while giving next-level care to our patients. We are transforming healthcare by providing access to those who need it most by using our mobile cruisers. Whether it was an individual donor, a foundation or corporation, these generous acts made profound differences.

We are grateful for the continued trust you have placed in us, as your philanthropy partners, to deliver compassion and remarkable care to the patients we serve. We look forward to working with you in 2022 as we partner to expand access to healthcare through innovation, technological advances and the commitment of our own teams.


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Ann Caulkins
Senior Vice President, Novant Health President, Novant Health Foundation